Services at Lillie House

Community Supported Permaculture:

Permaculture services designed using the Permaculture design system! A new approach to food, landscaping and home resilience.

Community Supported Forest Gardening Program: Our flagship program, the easiest and most rewarding way to create your own forest garden. Flexible membership options to suit any budget and any goal.

Community Supported Permaculture: Everything you need to begin your Permaculture journey, including home composting and indoor Vermicomposting systems, mushroom kits, Perennial plant and seed collections, Permaculture Design Certificate training, COMING SOON!

Consult/Design/Implementation Services:

Contact us for information.

Walkabout/sit visit. The classic Permaculture consultation, with a Lillie House twist.

Permaculture Design. We work with you to co-design the Permaculture system of your dreams. Visit our portfolio to see our design work.


These courses and workshops are available with or without a “membership” plan.

Forest Gardening Workshop: A complete journey through building a forest garden in 7 workshops. We walk you through reading the landscape, design, implementation and maintenance. Also available to groups.

Permaculture Design Certicate Course: The classic education for Permaculture designers. We cover the traditional PRI curriculum based on Bill Mollison’s Permaculture Designer’s Manual, with a focus on the Great Lakes region.

Presentations and Public Speaking:

Classes available at your location. Contact us for details. 

Vermicomposting (Worms!) Class:  Students get their own starter compost bin, along with an hour-long demonstration (plus time for questions) on worm composting systems and uses for vermicompost. Great for families, kids love worms! Worm compost systems create some of the highest quality, nitrogen-rich compost available. Not only is it a fertilizer, but a way to convert your kitchen scraps into an incredible soil conditioner that infuses your garden with an unmatched microbial diversity. Compost teas made from worm castings can be sprayed directly on plants to give disease resistance and fertlize. Our worm bins are transparent – so you can see them in action – and come with a top-knotch bedding made from organic scraps, and rabbit litter. You can’t but a good worm farm for less! (Minimum $350 or $35/student – includes worm bins and worms.)

The Path to Mushrooms: Turn your garden paths into productive mushroom growing beds! A complete course on mushroom production, it also covers mushroom logs, indoor kits and other growing systems. We’ll actually create one productive mushroom bed on your site! Comes with the materials to create one outdoor mushroom growing bed which can easily be expanded or shared.) We can also arrange for students to create their own mushroom logs! Starting at $250

Growing a Garden of Hope: Introduction to Permaculture. A beautiful inspiring slideshow demonstrating Permaculture solutions that transform the landscape, the home, society and the world beyond! “We can solve all the world’s problems in a garden.” We’ll focus on practical ideas that anyone can use in their garden or home, but also demonstrate how the simple steps we can take to build a healthier, happier life can be socially and ecologically transformative. ($350, $120 for local organizations.)

The Pathway to Eden: Introduction to Food Forest Gardening: “The oldest human land use,” as researchers are calling forest gardens, but these easy-to-care-for, ecologically healthy gardens are also the path to a truly sustainable future! Forest gardening isn’t gardening IN a forest, it’s gardening LIKE a forest, putting the power of nature to work for us to reduce our maintenance and maximize our desired outcomes, whether that’s beauty, low maintendance or food production. “Food forests” are simply the easiest way to grow your own home health food store of fruit, herbs and vegetables. 30+ slides demonstrate the beauty and utility of “forest garden” systems, both traditional and modern.

Conducted as a two part workshop, the first hour highlights the beauty and benefits of forest garden systems. In the second hour, we go over the basics and some simple, easy steps anyone can use to begin their own forest gardening adventure.

First part only: (45 minutes, only available locally) $60.

Full workshop: $350, $120 for local organizations. Can be modified to demonstrate the creation of a small “forest garden guild” installation on your site.