What is Permaculture – A Primer in Pictures and Patterns – PART 1

Is it a community of doomer hippies? An incomprehensible internet meme for do-gooders who hate lawns and love fermenting things? A clever rebranding scheme for the organic farming movement thought up by wayward corporate marketing gurus? A cult for Gaia-worshipping environmentalists? A secret society for foraging herbalist hedgewitches? WHAT IS PERMACULTURE?  After 6 years, 100 posts, over 100,000 page views, and hundreds of followers, I’ve never written a post answering that question!  Why?  Because there are already so many good treatments of the topic on the nets. Why re-re-reinvent the wheel when the internet’s rolling along just merily without me. … Continue reading What is Permaculture – A Primer in Pictures and Patterns – PART 1

Best Water Storage Device Ever!

This is a picture of our favorite Permaculture water storage device at Lillie House.  You just have to see the forest for the trees and there it is–A forest! Or more precisely, a forested hilltop.  Those of us in Gardening and Permaculture circles know the best place to store water isn’t in rain barrels or containers, it’s in the ground. A rain barrel will hold 50 gallons of water and massive sisterns can hold maybe 1,000 gallons.   A single storm in our climate can rain down THOUSANDS of gallons of water on an average roof top.  You’d need an … Continue reading Best Water Storage Device Ever!