Designing and Establishing Edible Hedges, Hedgerows, and Windbreaks You want to LEARN JUST ONE WEIRD TRICK that will have a guaranteed positive effect on a huge range of features including: Farm and garden productivity and profitability Reduced irrigation requirements Reduce cost of fencing and livestock management and feeding Home and garden security Improved livability and reduced home heating and cooling costs Reduced pest and disease pressures Increased pollinators, native flora and fauna, Increased soil health and fertility,  Increased water health, Increased biodiversity and overal ecosystem health Fight climate change by sequestering a whole lot of carbon And provide more food for less work than just about any … Continue reading Designing and Establishing Edible Hedges, Hedgerows, and Windbreaks

A Forest Garden for Every Occasion

While “Food Forests” or “Forest Gardens” have become something of a gardening fad these days, there’s really nothing new about them at all. In fact, some academic sources have begun calling them “the world’s oldest land use.”   In my opinion, we modern “Forest Gardeners” have a lot to learn from the traditional, slowly-evolved gardens that were once the backbone of cultures around the world. Researchers across many disciplines from Agronomy and economics to ecology and anthropology have delved deeply into the well-known, ancient food forests across the Asian and African tropics (as well as the Amazon, which some researchers … Continue reading A Forest Garden for Every Occasion

Designing a Permaculture Hedgerow

Last night, I had the opportunity to join in a permaculture discussion where hedgerows came up, and people who know me know that I’m crazy about hedges. As modern agricultural research turns towards perennial crops, and polyculture plantings, the hedgerow stands out as a traditional and uniquely adapted system for utilizing both. Better still, these woody perennial polyculture systems can do extra work by providing building and craft materials, ample carbonaceous material for composting, providing windbreaks, wildlife shelter, fences for wildlife, create fire and erosion barriers, provide forage, protect livestock or humans, and greatly increase the biodiversity that has a … Continue reading Designing a Permaculture Hedgerow