Does Permaculture “Promote Invasive Plants?”

The last week or two, I’ve encountered a few people who’ve claimed that Permaculture promotes invasive plants and causes ecosystem damage. As a Permaculture Designer, that would indeed be alarming to me if it were true! Fortunately, I see very … Continue reading Does Permaculture “Promote Invasive Plants?”

Forest Gardening with Native Plants

Over the last year, I’ve had a lot of questions from native plant lovers who want to know if they can create native forest gardens, or even adapt their current native flower gardens into food forests.  Of course!  In fact, many researchers now believe that the whole of the Eastern Woodland was one big “anthropogenic” food forest, meaning, humans were one of the keystone species controlling the plant varieties, spacings, etc. So, when we create native food forests, or at least food forests with lots of natives, we’re re-creating our true lost “pre-Colombian” habitat.  In fact, our back-yard is a … Continue reading Forest Gardening with Native Plants