We Deserve Beauty: Finding Inspiration in Patterns

“When you put beauty in a place that has none, that’s a game changer.”  — Ron Finley   To live in a beautiful, uplifted situation with dignity should not be seen as an exclusive privilege for the elite. It is the birthright of every being born to this earth. The idea that rest of us should content ourselves with stodgy utilitarianism is oppressive. We all deserve beauty.  To surround oneself with beauty is old, powerful magic. It’s no wonder it was seen as so revolutionary, so dangerous for Ron Finley to create a beautiful food forest garden in his poor LA … Continue reading We Deserve Beauty: Finding Inspiration in Patterns

The Home Garden; Unit of Humanity

  There it is, the basic “Home Garden,” an ancient, evolved forest garden system, similar to those found throughout the tropics, and in one form or another, almost everywhere trees will grow. This beautiful version is from Cuba. (www.hunger-undernutrition.com.) At its most basic level, it’s surrounded by a forest garden planting or enclosure, a mixed function productive hedgerow membrane designed to exclude harmful energies while welcoming and containing beneficial energy flows. Inside, there are areas (organs?) devoted to all the functions necessary for the unit to survive and prosper, areas for vital exchange of information (social functions,) areas for production, … Continue reading The Home Garden; Unit of Humanity

Traditional Patterns for a New World

(Photo, wiki images) We can create a more just and sustainable world where everyone’s needs are met without compromising the health of our neighbors or the happiness of future generations. And we can do so by reclaiming connections with nature, community and beauty that we’ve lost.  There are ancient patterns of sustainable, peaceful and egalitarian cultures that we can replicate to find our way. And these are often the same cultures that we visit on our vacations, because their ways of life and the kind of environment they create, speaks to us, deeply. For those of us who feel trapped … Continue reading Traditional Patterns for a New World