8 Patterns for a Permaculture Kitchen Garden Make-over

Check out this new short video of Geoff Lawton’s Kitchen Garden Make-over at Zaytuna farm: http://youtu.be/yHBhN4UraOw The garden beds you’ll see in the video above, like most of Geoff Lawton’s kitchen-garden designs, look very much like the kitchen garden beds you see in our pictures at Lillie House, and that’s no coincidence.  I wanted to share this video because it shows a collection of classic Permaculture patterns that go together well to create a style of vegetable gardening that work well almost anywhere. This video is at Zaytuna, Geoff Lawton’s farm in subtropical Australia, but the patterns can be adapted … Continue reading 8 Patterns for a Permaculture Kitchen Garden Make-over

A Beginner’s Permaculture Garden Make-Over

A collection of patterns for an easy, low-work home garden. One of our Permaculture principles is “Design from Patterns to Specifics.” These patterns create a garden that minimizes some of the most common draw-backs of home gardening: the work, the weeds, maintaining paths, watering, fighting pests and getting haphazard harvest results. They’re especially chosen to bring new life to that old, over-grown garden everyone seems to have in the back yard.  This single key-hole design works for a garden between 10′ * 10′ to about 15′ x 15′.  We use most of these patterns in all of our beds at Lillie … Continue reading A Beginner’s Permaculture Garden Make-Over