Regenerative Public Places – Radically Sustainable Parks

Again and again and again: WHY do we use public money, public projects and public places to pollute the environment, promote climate change, and kill local jobs? There’s absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t be using public places in ways that have regenerative effects on local ecologies and economies…. In the era of corporate suburbia, you can travel the entire US and never realize you’ve left home. Suburb after suburb is built out with the same restaurants, the same houses, the same building materials, and of course, the same public places.  This is good if you happen to be a … Continue reading Regenerative Public Places – Radically Sustainable Parks

Traditional Patterns for a New World

(Photo, wiki images) We can create a more just and sustainable world where everyone’s needs are met without compromising the health of our neighbors or the happiness of future generations. And we can do so by reclaiming connections with nature, community and beauty that we’ve lost.  There are ancient patterns of sustainable, peaceful and egalitarian cultures that we can replicate to find our way. And these are often the same cultures that we visit on our vacations, because their ways of life and the kind of environment they create, speaks to us, deeply. For those of us who feel trapped … Continue reading Traditional Patterns for a New World