The Basic Home Garden Membership

2019 Classes are scheduled the  3rd Saturday (9 – noon) of the month from May – November, with the flexibility to reschedule some classes. 

“Home Garden” – such a humble name for the traditional Forest Garden systems found throughout the tropics that turn mere back yards into the edible paradises – and even thriving home businesses – that we Americans dream of visiting on our vacations.

Bring the dream to your own back yard and make your own home your ultimate vacation destination.

We’ve created this membership to help you do it.

Throughout the season, you get to attend our workshops (which will be available in person and online) that walk you through each step from design, budgeting, installation and maintenance.

You also get all the plants you’ll need, when you need them, including fruit trees, bushes and perennial vegetables, and mushroom kits, arranged in pre-designed “guilds” that function like ecosystems to help keep maintenance to a minimum.

Most importantly, you’ll get our support through the season to guarantee you’re happy with your new edible landscaping.

Member Benefits:

Plants! Trees and Bushes, and
Guild Plants Collection: $350 (Click for details.)
Path to Mushrooms Kit: $50
Basic Consultation: $120
Complete Food Forest Course (7+ classes) – $350/student, for 2 adults $700.
Basic Seed Suscription: $30
Access to our collection of over 300 varieties of plants for cuttings, seed, and scionwood for 3 years. – $300

Total package cost with membership: $1,200

To sign up, visit our store!

Have questions or want to customize your package? Feel free to get in touch.