The CSP Value

Starting as low as $45/month for a full year of education, food, plants, community and mentorship, the Community Supported Permaculture Programs represent an amazing value. We’re proud of that.

Especially when compared to similar local services.

Local landscaping services to garden a comparable area would generally run $3,000 – $7,000. But at a small fraction of the price, we take you further, creating a design and impelentation plan for your property to minimize cost, maximize value and return on investment. A well-designed forest garden or ecological landscape will nearly pay for itself in the first year, by providing you with fresh produce and plant material. In fact, every garden we’ve designed has more than paid for itself in year one! So, $1,000 spent on a forest garden will save you nearly $1,000 in the first year, and each year thereafter, a forest garden will increase in productivity, cutting your grocery bills forever. But a well-designed forest garden should also start reproducing itself by year 3-5, creating exponential growth in value.

And while conventional landscapers do the job with poisons, chemicals and imported energy-intensive materials, we show you how to get the job done in a way that’s good for nature and good for your community and family, too. Instead of just throwing money at your landscape, you’ll be creating value for your family, friends and extended community.

And unlike conventional landscaping, your ecological landscape will also pay you back in the healthiest food available to you at any price. It’s like having your own personal home healthfood store.

Meanwhile, many standard local CSA customers will pay upwords of $1,000/year for produce. Becoming  a member of our CSP programs will have you eating fresh produce daily, not just this year, but every year thereafter.

And our educational programs are a great value, too. Compared to other local educational services, our prices are very competitive. But for our CSP members, they’re deeply discounted.  A standard PDC course runs around $1,000 – $1,700 in the midwest, sometimes higher with “celebrity” teachers who usually aren’t familiar and experienced with our local climate, growing conditions and adapted plant communities.

With our Ultimate CSP Membership, for example, you get all of these services, plus a year of mentorship and guaranteed access to one of the largest collections of edible and medicinal plants in the region, for just $3,000.

(Cue oohs and aahs from our studio audience.)

While we’d go broke trying to offer these services at those prices individually, we’re able to pull this off this basically eye-crossing value by bundling these services together. In Permaculture, we call that “stacking functions.”

And unlike conventional operations, we have the combined resources, experience and expertise to pull off all those bundled services at a high-quality professional level.

We can also pull it off because we’ve got a secret agent working overtime for us: Mother Nature. Working with her, instead of against her, saves us time and money that we can pass along, and we’re going to show you how to put her to work for you, too.

And finally, we understand that we’re investing in a community of likeminded people who are going to make the world we live a stronger, better place to call home.

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