Transformative Adventures

Today, many of us feel disempowered from creating the kind of lives we want, let alone the kind of world we’d like to see. But the truth is we’re growing the future everyday through our actions as we choose what kind of environment we invest in, and what kind of people we’ll become to fill it. Just as the nautilus naturally grows its shell we can transform our lives, landscape, livelihoods, community and world. It doesn’t take experts or leaders or big corporations to create a better future, just people like you and me naturally humaning. (Learn more about the morphogenisis of human habitats, lifeways and cultures.)

These Transformative Adventures are learning experiences designed to transform our lives, livelihoods, and communities. These are some of the fundamental human behaviors that have  naturally grown the world’s healthy, meaningful lifeways, beautiful vibrant communities, and rich cultures.

They are the natural behaviors that give shape to beautiful human lives. Each is a process of directly INVESTING in yourself, in your community and in the future you want to see. These are actions, taken from the world’s sane, healthy societies, that will help create a more sane and healthful society for all.


One of the key insights of Transformative Adventures is to recognize that our lives are fundamentally shaped by our environments. We effect our environment. Our environment effects us. This can create a negative feedback loop or by investing in both we can create a positive feedback loop that will superpower our progress. So a key leverage point of this practice is to help achieve our personal goals by investing in an environment that will suport us. Meanwhile, we understand that it is our behaviors that will have the biggest impact on creating our environments, so we work on the behaviors that will naturally give shape to a more supportive environment. With these Transformative Adventures, these two steps inside and out, always go together.

Transform your Life:

Over time, each of these adventures has had a transformative effect on my own life, and I’ve seen them have the same profound impact on others. These adventures are designed to:

Grow a more beautiful environment to live in.

Grow a sense of security, a sense that this world is workable.

Recapture a connection with nature and community.

Save money and even begin to grow real wealth.

Transform your livelihood.

Grow natural health.

Grow social and political capital to take control of your life.

Take back control over you and your family’s food.

Grow a more fulfilling, uplifted and hopeful life.


Transform your World:

And while you transform your own life, you naturally grow a better world through:

Rebuilding local “syntropic economies” that naturally fight climate change and preserve healthy ecosystems.

Growing a healthier community.

Helping to transform our destructive food system.

Sequestering carbon.

Engaging in a targeted plan designed to reduce consumption in the areas industries that have the alrgest negative impact on the world.

Investing in replacing fossil fuel consumption with syntropic consumption that is sustainable and makes communities and ecosystems healthier.


The Adventures

Develop your experience in just a few of these, and you’re sure to have grown a better life and surroundings. Complete the all, and you will have become a truly formidable agent of transformative action.

To learn more, skim the images below, or click here to go into more depth about these adventures.