Does Permaculture “Promote Invasive Plants?”

The last week or two, I’ve encountered a few people who’ve claimed that Permaculture promotes invasive plants and causes ecosystem damage. As a Permaculture Designer, that would indeed be alarming to me if it were true! Fortunately, I see very … Continue reading Does Permaculture “Promote Invasive Plants?”

Monarch Level: Landscape Transformation Recognition Program

Note: This article is a preview. The Program is coming Fall 2022! The Monarch Level of Landscape Transformation Certification recognizes outstanding achievements in creating truly sustainable, societally transformative landscapes! It is the second highest level we recognize, and only the most cutting edge and dedicated stewards will bring their landscapes to this high level. The Transformative Landscape Recognition Program is the most ambitious and most sustainable certification for eco-friendly landscapes, and those that have the Monarch badge will be truly beyond-regenerative. Those that provide food, or medicine will offer the safest and most regenerative produce on the market. A monarch-level … Continue reading Monarch Level: Landscape Transformation Recognition Program