Urban Guilders Membership

Want to Forest Garden, but don’t have land? No problem.

The Urban Guilders membship is ideal for apartment dwellers, college students, co-opers and other gardeners without gardens. All it takes is a little know-how. And we know how.

You get access to our Complete Forest Gardens course, where we’ll go step-by-step through the process of designing and implementing your de-centralized forest garden system. We’ll consult with you to identify opportunities for window, patio and indoor gardens, as well as community and guerrilla forest gardening and give you strategies to make the most out of them.

This membership comes with a selection of plants and seeds designed precisely with urban gardeners in mind. It includes hardy plants and seeds for ideal guerrilla gardening, plants for indoor and window gardens, and even scion wood for guerrilla grafting, which means you can turn those local ornamental trees into fruit trees for you and your neighbors!

Urban Guilders Membership Benefits:

Urban Gardeners Seed Collection – $30
Urban Gardeners plant collection – $75
(No trees or woody perennials included)
Basic Consultation – $120
The Complete Food Forest Course (7 + classes) – $350

Price for Members: 3 PAYMENTS OF $200.


One payment of $500

URBAN GUILDERS MEMBERSHIP SOLD OUT FOR 2016! Try the “premium package.” 

Select one of the payment options above to reserve your space!

The Urban Guilders membership can be upgraded at any time to the Premium package or the Ultimte Designer’s package.