Yes, We CAN Transform the World, and We Can Make Money Doing it.

Introducing the Transformative Adventures Strategic Action Plan

There’s a movement emerging right now that is honestly the most inspiring thing I’ve seen in over 20 years as a change-maker, regenerative entrepreneur, activist and organizer. These regular people are done waiting for tech bros and politicians, and they’re transforming their own lives. Then they’re helping their friends, family, and neighbors do the same.

And they’re finding creative ways to support themselves off of doing it.

As a long-time change-maker, the two biggest questions I always hear are:

How can we really create change on the scale that’s needed?”
“Can I actually support myself doing it?”

The true answer is we need a new approach to both, and that is exactly what I see emerging with this movement.

Many of us feel trapped into supporting systems that we know are hurting people and destroying the planet, both as workers and as consumers.

We need alternatives!

But, while things like Permaculture, Transition, and the efforts to relocalize food and economics have aleady had a huge positive impact, we haven’t been able to provide that viable alternative for most people.

We’ve been a little too focused on feel-good theories and good intentions and not focussed enough on things that actually work – and pay. We’ve enthusiastically encouraged eager change-makers to become activists, farmers, Permaculture designers, or organizers, on our economic theories, but often they end up struggling or burned out. Our advice has been “if you build it they will come.” Often, “they” never come.


It’s a failure of imagination and cooperation that we have a huge, eager labor force, and we haven’t been able to set them loose building a better world.

If we want real change, we need to stop focussing on hopes and intentions, and start working a comprehensive, realistic strategy, with realistic outcomes and proven effectiveness.

What sets this new emerging movement apart is that they’re starting by getting beyond hopes, theories and good intentions, and getting very practical and realistic about meeting the actual NEEDS and DREAMS of their friends, family and community members. They’re taking back control over their own needs: healthy food; beautiful homes, heathly living; a healthy relationship with money; healthy, energy efficient homes; healthy economically vibrant relationships – and then they’re leading others in doing the same. Real people, real needs, real action, real transformation.

The Transformative Adventures Strategic Action Plan

The Transformative Adventures Action Plan for REAL CHANGE is simple:  support those Community Transformation Leaders in the work they’re doing. 

First, that means we need to support them in making a livelihood. That’s why we started the Transformative Adventures Co-op.

And second, we need to support them by guiding them towards the most effective leverage points for real personal and societal transformation!

To my knowledge, this is the first comprehensive, targeted strategic approach designed to create a better world.

In short, there are 6 key stragegies:

1. Create viral change by transforming the behaviors, culture, values, and desires that are driving climate change, ecosystem collapse and many of our society’s other major problems.

2. Provide a system of standards and accountability, both for our personal goals, and our societal ones, to ensure that what we’re doing actually has an impact.

3. Directly target some of the most environmentally and socially destructive industries for effective leveraged action.

4. Engage in personal changes that directly address ecological collapse, climate change, biodiversity loss, etc.

5. Divest from the destructive old centralized economy which runs on fossil fuels, disempowers workers, and wastes unsustainable resources; and reinvest in building local economy of empowered individuals, fueled by Syntropy, the excess of ecosystem services.

6. Invest long-term in growing a movement with real wealth, real opportunities, social capital, and control over real resources, so that ultimately we have the real political capital to get things done.

The focus is the Transformative Adventures. These are each proven effective leverage points for transforming people’s lives for the better, actually making them healthier, wealthier and wiser. And they are also proven leverage points for accomplishing the strategic goals above.

Imagine an army of 10,000;100,000; 1,000,000 Community Transformation Leaders working locally to build the new economy, each regenerating real natural wealth for themselves and their communities, reclaiming healthy food, work and housing, making their own networks more financially resilient and secure, and growing trust and real durable power within their communities.

That’s how we really transform the world.

To get started, learn more about the Transformative adventures. Pick one and start transforming your own life.