Healing Ourselves, Healing the World

(This article is intended to stand alone, but is a continuation of thoughts started in “Civilization’s Fatal Flaw,”)  I knew something was wrong, even when I was a kid, because I could see it. I could feel that the old systems, the old ways of living weren’t working for me, and I could see that the old maps would never take me where I wanted to go. Up ahead, the road was long and littered, with no destination in sight. My fellow travelers spoke of their weariness, their hopelessness, disconentment, disempowerment, like they knew in their hearts that there was … Continue reading Healing Ourselves, Healing the World

Forest Gardening Articles and Resources from Lillie House

Why is it that nobody ever walks into a healthy forest and says, “boy, does somebody ever need to do some mulching in here! Somebody needs to weed, water and fertilize this forest, too!” For the most part, healthy forests don’t require human managers, volunteers or employees to keep them running and productive. The necessary “work” is accomplished in the casual interactions of plants and animals – the forest community – as they go about their lives. Some mulch, some fertilize, some catch and store water. Others attract beneficial allies and keep pests in check.  With the ability to do … Continue reading Forest Gardening Articles and Resources from Lillie House