Transformative adventures, transforming our lives and transforming our world

About Transformative Adventures

Transformative Adventures are learning experiences that transform our lives and the world by investing directly in the future we want to see. These are adventures that build knowledge while creating connections with our landscapes, livelihoods, and communities so we naturally grow wealthier, healthier, wiser and more resilient.

We love positive action that’s fun, rewarding, and has the biggest effect on life and the world. That includes transforming our landscapes, gardening, foraging, food, our health, our minds, clothing, homes, community, and how we make a living in this world. Most importantly, we are hardcore about being practical, so we focus on action that is replicable and economically viable, instead of what looks hardcore on Instagram, but isn’t available to real people with bills and real lives.

The Transformative Adventures Organization

Transformative Adventures is also an emerging non-profit cooperative organization by, of, and for the people doing that work. Here you can find inspiration, information, self-guided “adventures” to transform your life, and programs and materials you can use to transform your community.

You may even transform your livelihood, using our proven business plans, models, programs, materials, etc. or submitting your own so other activists can replicate your successes. We also have an adventurer’s forum to support each other.

We are into adventure, but serious about change! We are developing a pretty geeky plan for promoting societal transformation that has been created in collaboration with some of the wisest change leaders in the world today. So the adventures provide targeted action, measurable goals and outcomes to keep us accountable to ourselves and society. And we are providing resources and materials to arm local change makers with information, and make them experts in their communities.

A Transformative movement is growing

Our growing movement of change-makers is tired of waiting for “thought leaders,” politicians, and Silicone Valley tech bros to save us. We are taking action and manifesting vibrant, just and sustainable future right in our own lives, landscapes and communities.

And we’re tired of the old dreary privileged environmentalism that sighs that the “party” of fossil fueled destruction and oppression “is over.” We don’t believe the future has to be dull, brutish, and glum. We believe the true path forward is to rebuild vibrant, wealthy lives and a higher standard of living. We can do this by breaking free of the prison of corporate dependence, consumer culture and wage slavery, and rebuilding healthy ecosystems and vibrant communities.

So it’s time to stop waiting, and start making the future we want for ourselves. What we need is to do it with the accountability, vigor, and strategy that will create a DIY Green New deal to radically divest from old unsustainable and exploitive systems and reinvest in sun and powered local economies.

Transforming our lives and world.

The transformative adventures transform society and self.

A key in changing our lives is to create the right conditions for success. Our environment has a huge impact on us. If want a happy, healthy life, or a society of more just and enlightened people, we need to create the ecologies that will support our goals.

So our steps to build better lives and a better world always go together.

The Transformative Adventures

So what will your next adventure be? The key is just to take action. We don’t need another concept, another leader, a new system or idea or paradigm… what we need is you and me, brushing the dust off our shoulders and moving forward, one step at a time, and demonstrating how to build a new world.

For an update on the organizational vision, history and past meetings, check out this article.