Community Supported Home Gardens Program

Registration has started for the 2019 season, beginning in May. Spaces are limited!

The “CSA” that doesn’t just feed you for a year, but for a lifetime!

The easiest way to design, plan, install and maintain your own “edible paradise.” We provide everything you need to grow a food forest and become a knowledgeable, successful “home gardener”.

Whatever your goals, whatever your barriers, we want to put together a membership package that gets your project done and makes you a happy gardener. So we’ll be releasing a series of customizable membership packages – something for everyone.

Don’t know where to start? We’ll get you started.

No land? No problem.

Need help with the work? No problem.

Got more time than money? You can have an incredible forest garden on any budget, and Lillie House is proof of that.

More importantly, we’ll help you avoid the common mistakes that too often make for unhappy gardeners, mistakes that cost a lot of money, cause high plant mortality rates, create huge work and maintenance burdens and make messy yards that are the scourge of the neighborhood. Again, our  gardens at Lillie House are proof that food forests need not look like weedy thickets. (For more examples of beautiful forest gardens, visit our pinboard on traditional forest garden systems.)

Each membership comes with everything you need to meet your goals, solve your problems, and design your own beautiful, productive home landscape.

  • Join a community of local Permaculturists and forest gardeners with an online forum.
  • Get a diverse starter collection of plants for forest gardening and Permaculture.
  • Access to the collection of over 300 varieties of ideal forest garden plants we’ve developed for over 10 years.
  • Your choice of high-value edible and medicinal perennials to fill “7 layers” from trees down to ground-covers, in designed “guilds” that emulate ecosystems and minimize your maintenance.
  • A complete course of Forest Garden classes, workshops, and materials guide you along each step from design, installation, maintenance, harvest and turning your yield into great meals.
  • Personal mentorship. We’ll be available to help work through any questions or challenges you run into along the way, and provide the benefit of over 15 years of dedicated research and experience.
  • Design consultation, feedback and services.
  • Samples of forest garden fruits and vegetables.
  • Access to other educational events sponsored by Lillie House, tours, workshops, and even our Fall 2019 Permaculture Design Course.

What “Membership” Means

Members don’t just get stuff, they get to make a difference. In addition to the products and services you receive, you will be helping us grow a community dedicated to creating healthier, wealthier communities and ecologies. Each year, we fund, sponsor and organize opportunities for transformational education, enterprise, action and advocacy, including free classes and demonstrations, community forest gardens, regenerative businesses, film-showings, letter-writing campaigns, and much more. As CSP members, you’ll be invited to help us set our priorities and design transformational action. You’ll be our priority as we create educational programming and products that solve real problems. To learn more about our strategic vision, check out our Regenerative Business Practices.

2019 Membership packages: REGISTRATION HAS BEGUN FOR 2019!

The Basic Home Garden Membership. For any home and any experience level. Transform your back yard into the ultimate edible paradise.

Don’t see something that fits? Get in touch with me and we’ll figure it out: