Just Paying Attention: Instant Lower Energy Bills

In February, we used about the same amount of home energy as similarly sized “efficient homes”(the top 20% most energy efficient homes) in our area (15 miles for this graphic, but it’s about the same for a 2-mile radius) according to Consumers, whereas, in most months, we use about 15% less.

The reason is simple, we didn’t pay much attention.

This month, I was back on track with things like closing the curtains at night, opening them on sunny days, and turning down the heat when we’re away from the house, turning off lights, and warding off “energy vampires.”

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 Just those few steps saved us 27%, on our bill!

But more importantly, in our old Victorian home, small investments and PAYING ATTENTION saved us over $250 JUST THIS MONTH, when compared to the average home our size. 

Mind you, that average home likely has newer appliances, windows, etc.

And we generally keep our heat the space we’re occupying to between 68-70 degrees, so we’re not freezing or anything.

We just have a nice programmable thermostat and we use it!

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